S.A.R.K is an advocate of the Slow Fashion movement. So, we create timeless and well made clothes that will occupy a relevant place in your wardrobe for years, even decades, to come.

Our philosophy has also informed the selection of silk as our star material. Will McCallum, the Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK, advised us that the long life-span of silk is one of its sustainability benefits but also that silk is naturally biodegradable and will simply compost away, without (and this is crucial) releasing inorganic matter into ecosystems. Silk also doesn't release microfibres into the environment while it's being washed, the way synthetic materials do. 

Our signature sandwashed silk is a sustainable fabric that's made using recycled fibres to create the yarn; and all of our silks are sourced from accredited members of the Silk Association of Great Britain. 

S.A.R.K has a way to go before we're satisfied with our impact on the environment. However, we are continuously evolving and researching ways to be more sustainable.